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Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Every New User Should Know

Are you a new Mac user or a user who wants to know the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts? If yes, this article is for you.

If you want a smooth operating system with a lot of software availability, there is no equivalent alternative to the macOS right now. However, if you want to switch from Windows or Linux to mac or already have switched, you may face many unusual problems.

One of the most common problems is keyboard shortcuts. While most common Windows or Linux shortcuts use CTRL, Mac uses the Command key which is not available on a Windows keyboard. It can be a problem for new macOS users. That’s a different story.

But, this article is going to feature the most essential keyboard shortcuts that every Mac user should know to boost their computing experience.

mac keyboard shortcuts

Top 10 Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Command + W

To close an app or Window, you can press the Command key and W together. It will close the active app or Window.

2. Command + Q

If you want to quit an application completely, Command + Q is the shortcut you will need to use. Unlike Windows, closing an app won’t quit it on Mac. But, if you quit using this shortcut, it will completely end the active application from the background too.

3. Command + Space

To search anything on your Mac including documents or apps, press Command, and Space together. It will pop up a search bar where you can search anything.

4. Command + F

To search anything on an active document or webpage, just use this shortcut. It is equivalent to Windows OS’s CTRL+F.

5. Command + , (Comma)

Unlike apps on other operating systems, Mac apps have preferences. To open the preferences of an active app instantly, press Command + Comma (,) together.

6. Command + Shift + 3

It will take a screenshot of the full screen.

7. Command + Shift + 5

It will pop up a small tool that allows users to take screenshots of specific parts or Windows of Mac.

8. Command + Shift + . (period key)

If you want to show or hide hidden files and folders in the finder, just press Command + Shift + . (period key).

9. Command + Control + Space

It will open the small emoji window. It helps when you are chatting with someone.

10. Command +Control + Q

If you want to lock your mac quickly, just press the command + control + q together. It will do the job.

These are the most essential keyboard shortcuts you will need while using Mac. Do not hesitate to type your comment in the comment box to let us know which keyboard shortcut you use most on your Mac.

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