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Macbooster Review: Can It Speed Up Your Mac?

If you need an all-in-one Mac optimization software, this Macbooster review is for you. You will get to know if this Mac TuneUp software is perfect for you or not.

There are several Mac Tuneup tools available. Each of them has unique advantages over others. But, A few of them are overall an excellent choice. Iobit MacBooster is one of them. It can enhance performance and also can do some extra things on your Mac. But, This MacBooster review will tell you if it is a good choice for you or not.

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Macbooster Review

The Macbooster is a well-known mac optimization software from IObit. Like other IOBit tools, it is also feature-rich. It has various features to satisfy the users. However, It has both pros and cons. You will slowly know about them while reading this Macbooster review.

Before going through the full review, you can have a look at the summary.

IObit Macbooster Summery & Rating $10

Macbooster Short Review

Macbooster is an all-in-one Mac optimization and security software. It can bring performance improvements to your slow Mac and also can protect you from viruses and malware.



  • Clean-Up System Junks
  • Protection Against Viruses and Malware
  • Startup Optimizer & App Uninstaller
  • Duplicate File Finder and Photo Sweeper
  • Privacy Protection
  • Performance Boosting Features
  • Affordable Premium Version


  • Mediocre Free Version
  • No Built-in App Updater
  • Minor Issues in the UI

System Requirements:

Macbooster is a very lightweight software. You can run it on any macOS device if that has the following requirements.

Operating SystemMac OS BigSur, Monterey & Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Disk Space80 MB+
Processor Intel x86 or Apple Silicon
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Macbooster Review: Features & Specs

Macbooster has many useful features. Before knowing about them, let’s have a look at the technical specifications.

Software NameMacbooster
Reviewed Versionv8.0.5
Installer Size33.6 MB
Installation Size78.4 MB
Supported LanguagesChinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (PT-BR), Portuguese (PT-PT), Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish

To speed up your old Mac and provide security against viruses and malware, IObit has included the following features in Macbooster.’

1. Two-Clicks Optimization

To regain performance in a slow Mac computer, Macbooster doesn’t make the process complicated. After launching this tune-up software, you can click on the scan button and after that click on the fix button. These are just two clicks to bring back the performance on a Mac using Macbooster.

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2. Cleaning Junks and Temporary Data

This is one of the main features of Macbooster. You won’t have to clean junks from Mac often if it is in a very stable condition. But, Sometimes, You will need to do it, especially when things become problematic or slow. Also, the Old and low specs Macbooks often require some cleaning and optimization. The Macbooster can serve this purpose very well.

You can scan for system junk and clean them with just two clicks. There is also flexibility to choose what you want to clean and what to keep. It ensures great control over this cleaning feature.

3. Performance Boosting Features

The main purpose of this software is to provide better performance in your Mac. To do this, it is featured with various tools like Turbo Boost, Memory Cleaner, Startup Optimizer, etc. Cleaning system junks can increase performance. But, These additional tools will bring even better performance improvements.

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a. Turbo Boost

One of the fascinating features of Macbooster is Turbo Boost. After using Mac for a while or weeks or months, you may see your Mac has become very slow. It may have several reasons like disk permission, cache or configuration error, third-party apps or services, etc. The turbo boost feature can fix all of these with just a single click.

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b. Memory Clean

For so many background tasks, memory cache, and some other factors, macOS may often go through a lack of memory problems. In this situation, the Memory Clean feature can free up the RAM to bring performance stability to your slow Mac.

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c. Startup Optimizer

Optimizing the startup items on Mac is not easy and, in some cases, impossible. To do it effectively, you will require additional tools. But, Macbooster has a built-in startup optimizer. From there, you can disable or enable the startup items or background daemon that runs automatically when macOS starts.

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4. Virus & Malware Protection

The Macbooster can act as an antivirus on macOS. It has a virus and malware scanning and cleaning feature. You can easily scan for viruses and malware. If it finds any threats, you will be able to clean it immediately. Besides, the Macbooster may suggest you change some settings to get better protection against malicious things. For example, In my case, It suggested me enable automatic app update.

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5. Privacy Protection

Macbooster has a privacy protection feature that helps to get rid of various privacy threats. It gives protection against malicious tracking cookies, unsafe apps that tracks your activity, etc. You can view which apps are tracking some activities from Macbooster. If you don’t trust them, you can easily uninstall them.

6. Free Up Disk Space

Cleaning junks and temporary data frees up some space. But, there are more things to do that the Macbooster can do very well. It has the following features to free up disk space more effectively.

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a. Duplicate File Finder

One of the most exciting features of Macbooster is the duplicate file finder. Many of the well-known mac tune-up software are missing this feature. But, Macbooster users can use it without any worry. Duplicate files may take a lot of space on the disk. Cleaning them can free up a significant amount of space.

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b. Photo Sweeper

While reviewing Macbooster, it was one of the features that made me excited. Similar or duplicate photos are annoying. When the number is huge, it takes a long time to identify them one by one. But, Macbooster can easily find and identify these duplicate or similar photos within a moment. Later, You can delete or keep them whatever you want.

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c. Large & Old Files

To free up disk space, it is better to know which are the largest files on your mac and the oldest ones. To make this task easier, Macbooster has this feature. It helps to identify the largest and oldest files and lets you delete them if you want.

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7. App Uninstaller

Many people argue that uninstalling an App on mac is easier than Windows. But I can’t entirely agree with it completely because Most apps will leave leftovers. Also, Some apps can’t be removed properly. In this case, you must use a third-party tool. Macbooster’s built-in uninstaller tool can help you to uninstall apps and software from macOS. It can remove apps completely without leaving leftovers.

macbooster mini

8. Macbooster Mini

The Macbooster mini is a component of the Macbooster. It runs in the background and monitors your device for performance and security. You can see a menu item of Macbooster. That’s the mini. When you click on it, you will see some basic stats of your Mac.

Macbooster Review: The User Interface

The user interface of Macbooster is a good one. All IObit software and tools have perfect UI. It is no different. You can find all of your necessary features in a dark bluish layout. That looks amazing. Macbooster is also very easy to use because of its neat & clean UI. Overall, the UI looks simple, elegant, and modern.

However, some text components are not noticeably visible due to the color combination. That should be improved. Except for this, the UI of Macbooster is perfect.

Macbooster Performance Review & Other Details

To have a better understanding of this software, I have used Macbooster for more than a week. After reviewing every feature by myself, I have gained a deep idea about its performance.

Macbooster’s performance was excellent in my test. It is not running natively on Apple’s M1 Macs yet. But I never felt It was running using the Rosetta 2. It is very responsive with every click. Scanning speed is incredibly fast. Finding duplicate files and similar photos is also very fast.

Every feature I have tried on it is very responsive and smooth. I have not seen any downside in performance. If you use this mac optimization software on a slow Macbook or any Mac computer, it will bring noticeable performance improvements.


After reviewing the Macbooster for more than a week, I have not found any extreme downsides. However, there are some cons that you may notice. The first one is it doesn’t have any built-in software updater. Else, a minimal improvement in the UI could make the user experience better. Besides that, the Macbooster mini doesn’t show CPU usage and temperature. IObit could improve these few things. It would make the Macbooster one of the complete Mac optimization software.


Macbooster is freeware technically. But, To get the actual benefit, only the Premium version is the way to go. The premium edition price starts at $10/Year for 1 Mac. However, For the TechWindy audience, it’s just 7.5 USD per year. Here are the pricing details.

PlanPriceNumber of MacsValidity
Pro$101 Mac1 Year
Lite$39.951 MacLifetime
Standard$59.953 MacsLifetime
Premium$89.955 MacsLifetime

The pricing and plan details are subject to change.

All plans have 60 days of the money-back guarantee.

Macbooster Review: Final Verdict

If you have already gone through this Macbooster review, you may have your own decision based on your needs. However, If you ask my opinion, I am very positive about Macbooster. While it lacks a built-in app updater, it has other unique features like Photo Sweeper and Duplicate File finder. You may not see such features in most other similar software. These two are enough to recommend Macbooster to the audience. In fact, Macbooster is one of the complete Mac optimization software I have used. It can speed up your slow Mac computer. So, I don’t have any problem suggesting it to the audience.

If you have already been using Macbooster, you can put your opinion in the comment box.

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