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How to Fix New or Existing Contacts not Showing Up on iPhone

Sometimes, You may not find newly added or some existing contacts on your iPhone. It seems weird because you haven’t also deleted them. This article explains how to fix this problem.

Once this problem happened with me too. I could not see any of my newly added contacts and the existing ones that were supposed to be synced from iCloud. But, I figured out the problem and later solved it.

How to Fix Newly Added or Existing Contacts not Showing Up on iPhone/iPad

Fortunately, You have several effective methods to show the contacts if it goes missing suddenly or newly added ones don’t show up.

1. Restart iPhone

Sometimes, there may be a sync related problem on your iPhone. In this case, A simple restart may fix it. As a result, You may see the missing contacts right after restarting your iPhone.

2. Check and Show all Contact Groups

Sometimes, You may not see all contacts, even the new ones, because these belong to a specific group by default. As a result, that group has been unchecked. As a result, You may not see these contacts in the list of your iPhone. In this case, You can check the groups and if any of them is unchecked, check it. It will fix the “newly added or existing contacts are missing” problem.

Iphone Contacts Groups

Here are the instructions to follow:

  • At first, Open the contact app on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Now, On the top, tap on the groups.
  • Then, Check the unchecked groups and see magic.

Now, You will see all of the missing contacts are appearing in your contact list.

3. Re-Sync iCloud/Google Accounts/Outlook, etc

Sometimes, Any problem may appear in sync. So, you may not find some existing contacts on your iPhone. If this is the case, you can turn off and on the sync for iCloud contacts. If you have Google and Outlook contacts, you also can re-sync them. Here are the instructions:

Toggle On Off Icloud Contact Sync
  • At first, Go to Settings > Contacts on your iPhone.
  • Now, Tap on Accounts. You will see the iCloud or any additional accounts there. Tap on the one you want to re-sync. Let’s say it’s iCloud. Just, Tap on it.
  • Then, Again tap on iCloud and now toggle on and off the Contacts.

For non-iCloud accounts, you can just directly go to Settings > Contacts > Accounts > Google/Outlook, etc. Then, Toggle on or off sync for contacts.

It should fix new or existing contacts missing on iPhone problem.

4. Remove and Re-Add Account

The first three methods should be sufficient to solve your problem. But, You may need this method to fix the contact missing problem on iPhone. You can simply sign-out from your iCloud, Google, or Outlook account from your iPhone and sign in again. If you don’t know how to do this, follow these steps.

  • At first, Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Now, Tap on your Profile.
  • Then, Scroll down and tap on sign out. It may ask your passcode and confirmation to do it.

If you want to remove Google or Outlook account, you can go to settings > contacts > accounts > your preferred account and then tap on delete account.

After that, you can sign-in with your account again. It should fix newly added or exiting contacts missing from iPhone problem.

5. Restore from Backup

If you still don’t see some of your existing contacts on your iPhone, you may need to restore from a backup. Because, If somehow some of your contacts got deleted, restoring from a backup is the best option. You can use iTunes, iMazing, AnyTrans, and many more available tools to backup and restore any iOS devices.

These are the best things to do if newly added, or existing contacts are not showing up on your iPhone or iPad. If you know any better methods, you can add them in the comment box.

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