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Have You Lost One Single AirPod? Here is the Solution!

Airpods are awesome. But, What If you accidentally lost one either left or right airpod? This article explains the solutions.

Apple always says great things about Airpods. It is one of the best wireless earbuds available in the market. Apple claims it will stay in your ear even when you run or workout. In fact, It should be. Personally, I’ve been using it for more than a year without any problem. But, Recently, I’ve lost my last airpod and realized how embarrassing this could be.

But, The airpod didn’t fall from my ear. I lost it when I was putting it into the charging case. I was riding on public transport. It was a busy highway. Suddenly, the driver had to trigger a hard brake. At that moment, I was just about put the AirPods into the charging case. But, Due to the extreme shake, I have lost control and one of my AirPods just fell outside. It was on the Flyover and it was extremely busy. So, I didn’t try to search for the lost earbud. So, I returned home with just one airpod. Maybe, You have lost one like me. But, there are solutions.

Solutions: When You Lost One AirPod (Left or Right One)

Every problem has a solution. This should have a solution too. There are things you can consider doing after losing a single AirPod. Here are the details.

Find Lost Airpods using Find My Phone on iPhone

1. Track and Find AirPod

If you have lost one or both AirPods, you can easily find it if you are within 33 feet of the airpod. In fact, It is hard to determine where you lost the airpod. But, If luck favors, your iPhone’s find my device can help you to find the lost airpod. In this case, You can follow these steps.

  • At first, Open the Find My Phone app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then, You will see the devices which were/are connected to your Apple ID or iPhone. Just tap on the Airpod.
  • Now, See If it can find the missing Airpod or not.
  • If it finds the airpod, you can go near it and tap on Play sound to get it.

It is unfortunate that in most cases, it may end up disappointing you. Because you may not be either close to the missing Airpod or its charge level has been down to zero. If you can be able to find your Airpod in this way, you are a lucky person. However, Have a look at

2. Buy the Missing Airpod

Probably, This is the actual solution if you have lost the single earbud. You can buy the left or right ear side airpod from Amazon or Apple. The price of the first-generation is $69.99/piece. The second generation will cost $79.99.

If you want, you also can consider using any of these best AirPods alternatives.

3. Continue Using One AirPod

If you don’t want to spend any more money on AirPod, you can continue using just one Airpod.

Basically, these are the ways you can do if you have lost one of your Airpods. If you know any better method, you can let everyone know in the comment box.

3 thoughts on “Have You Lost One Single AirPod? Here is the Solution!”

  1. I bought AirPods2. The right pod does not work. However, if you don’t want the pod that doesn’t work in your ear, when you take it out of your ear the left pod does not work. So even if the right pod doesn’t work, you need it in your ear to even hear the left pod. That is crazy. Is that the way the AirPods3 is?

  2. This evening I lost one airpods 2nd generation in a snowstorm. I was wearing a mask, a toque and a hooded winter coat so I figured it likely became loose while adjusting the mask or toque when I went to my favourite Thai restaurant for takeout.

    I had tied my dog outside to go in and pick up the food and bent over to tie him up to the post and then I untied him when I left the restaurant. After I got home I realized I only had one airpod. So I went like a dummy walking back to the restaurant with a flashlight looking on the ground…yeah right, in a snow storm. I returned home and wrote it off as a loss. Then after searching around online I found out they can emit a sound if they are charged. I tried it out and it worked on my right ipod, the right ipod icon lit up purple on the screen as I pressed the sound. I knew I probably didn’t have much time to waste and that if the ipod was outside in the snow after 30 minutes I had to move quickly.

    Armed with snowpants and proper clothing I walked back in the snowstorm about 4 blocks toward the Thai restaurant, I continued to play the sound in the right airpod, as I walked when pressing on the left ipod it didn’t light up, in find my phone on the screen, but about 30 feet from the Thai restaurant the left side of the ipod suddenly lit up, so the left airpod was nearby on the ground in the snow but there was snow everywhere on the ground…I checked the restaurant, nothing. One man offered to help as he saw me looking for something on the street but when I told him I was looking for a white airpod in the snow he started to laugh and walked off. So I continued to look but I couldn’t hear the sound due to the wind, only from the right one but I didn’t give up and lo and behold I found it. Right near the place where I tied and untied my dog. Phew. So, not that the sound really helped but the lighting up on the screen was what convinced me that it was near by and to start searching.


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