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CleanMyMac X Review: Is It the Ultimate Mac Optimization Tool?

If you need a Mac Optimisation software, you can read this unbiased CleanMyMac X review.

If your Mac becomes slow, you may need a cleaner or optimization utility for your Mac. But, Not all these tools work well. So, Before choosing one, you should read some reviews. If you have considered using the CleanMyMac X, you are at the right place. This CleanMyMac X review will tell you about its pros, cons, real-world performance, pricing, and other details.

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CleanMyMac X Review

The CleanMyMac X is a tool that can handle various Mac OS Optimisation and maintenance tasks automatically. But, Can it be your ultimate tool to boost Mac performance? This review will reveal the answer. Before going through the actual CleanMyMac X review, let’s have a look at the summary.

CleanMyMac X Rating $34.99

CleanMyMac X Review Summery

CleanMyMac X is a Mac Optimisation Utility. It can do various tasks like cleaning unnecessary temporary files and junks, optimising performance, free up memory, uninstalling stubborn Apps and many other things.



  • Elegant User Interface
  • Fast Performance
  • App Uninstaller
  • Software Updater
  • Cleaner and Optimizer
  • Compatible with Mac OS Big Sur and Apple Silicon Chip


  • It’s not Free
  • No Duplicate File Finder

Features & Specs:

Here are the technical specification of CleanMyMac X.

Software nameCleanMyMac X
Reviewed Versionv4.8.0
Supported OSMac OS 10.10.0 or Later
Supported ProcessorIntel, Apple Silicon

The CleanMyMac X has the following features that can help in many ways.

1. Free Up Disk Space by Cleaning Junk/Temporary Files

Mac users know how valuable the disk space is. A Macbook or iMac with 1 TB or more SSD capacity costs a lot. As a result, Many users go for 256 GB variants. In this case, If you often encounter low disk space issues, CleanMyMac X can help you to free up significant disk space. It can scan and clean unnecessary files, temporary data, and many other junks. That can save gigabytes of space.

CleanMyMac X can clean system junk, mail attachments, trash bins, etc. from the deep. You can choose what to clean by yourself.

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2. Protect Yourself from Malware and Privacy Threats

You may feel comfortable and safe in Mac than Windows. But, It is not the case. In recent years, thousands of new dangerous malware have been made for Mac. Even the first malware for Apple Silicon Mac has also been identified. So, You can easily imagine the situation. The malware protection feature of CleanMyMac X can give you protection against malware. The interesting thing is, the CleanMyMac X runs natively on Apple Silicon Mac. So, It can be more effective against newly made malware targeted for M1 Macs. To give you better security experience in Mac OS Bigsur or older Macs, it has the following features-

a. Malware Removal

By using CleanMyMac X, you can scan your Mac for malware. If it finds any, it can remove them completely. This is a very good thing for the security concerned people.

b. Privacy Protection

Privacy has been a big concern nowadays. CleanMyMac X has privacy protection that can do a lot to protect your privacy. If you don’t want to keep your browsing data, including history, autofill forms, and other data, CleanMyMac X can erase them from your device. Else, It can erase chat data from your Mac. If you have used popular chat apps like skype, telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc., it may have stored some chat data on your Mac. That may be a privacy concern to some users. CleanMyMac X can completely remove them.

3. Speed Up and Boost Performance of Your Mac

To speed up your Mac, CleanMyMac X has a few decent features. Also, It has some maintenance tools that make some tasks very easy to complete. CleanMyMac X can identify the launch agents that automatically load during startup. You can disable or enable them whenever your want. It also can identify which application is using your computing power heavily. You also can view problematic hung apps in this tool. All of these things make it easier to restore your Mac Performance.

Else, It has a few more features to improve Mac OS experience. Here are some of them-

  1. Free Up RAM
  2. Free Up Disk Space
  3. Run Maintenance Scripts
  4. Flush DNS
  5. Speed Up Email
  6. Repair Disk Permission
  7. Re-Index Spotlight
  8. Time Machine Snapshot Thinning

These tools often comes handy in particular situations.

4. Update and Uninstall Apps/Extensions

Mac OS has a very confusing uninstalling process. Unlike Windows, It doesn’t have a dedicated uninstaller. Some apps are easily uninstallable, and some are not. CleanMyMac X has a built-in uninstaller. You can select the app or browser extension and click on uninstall. It’s done.

In Addition, you can update outdated apps and software using this Mac Optimizer. That is another good feature.

5. Clean Files

CleanMyMac X has some features that let you see the large files and clean them. The space lens feature lets you view the files and folders according to their sizes. It shows a visual size comparison of files and folders. The large and Old Files feature lets you view the largest and the oldest unused files to decide if you want to keep or remove them.

Also, The Shredder feature let you erase any file completely without any trace. It makes it hard to recover.

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CleanMyMac X Review: The User Interface

CleanMyMac X has a pretty decent UI. The visual look and feel are just excellent. It feels very smooth and modern. When I first time launched this Mac Optimizer, I saw how smooth its animations are. It feels great. There are no difficulties in finding any features. In fact, the overall UI is neat and clean as well as very modern.

There is a small problem with this eye-pleasing UI. Sometimes, I found the scan and clean buttons looked a bit low quality. It didn’t always happen. It might be a bug. Except for this thing, there are no other problems.

CleanMyMac X Review: Performance and Real-World Experience

I had purchased this product for my Mac. I have been using it for more than two weeks. This part of this CleanMyMac X review is based on my experience and the users’ feedback on the internet.

At first sight, this problem will impress you with its UI. Also, the experience with this program is very smooth. You can navigate between options easily. It just changes the options in an eye-pleasing way.

The scan speed is pretty fast. However, it depends on your SSD speed. The cleaning speed is great too. I cleaned almost 8 GB of junk files at the first scan. I have also tried its other features one by one. Every feature I have used worked very well. There was no bug.

The malware scan process is also swift. Else, I have used the maintenance features. Some features require additional helper tools. When you try to use such features as DNS cache cleaner for the first time, CleanMyMac X will download a very tiny helper tool. Features like the Software updater, uninstaller, space lens, etc., also worked well. There was no problem with that.

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CleanMyMac X also has a decent menu widget. On Mac OS’s menu bar, you can see its icon. If you click, it will show you the resource usage stats, including CPU temperature. However, I am a bit confused about how it calculates the available memory capacity. Because it is different than other software, I have tried.

However, You should not always clean the system’s temporary files. If your Mac is running well, you should not bother with it. Because this thing will only bring noticeable improvements in a slow Mac. But, If your Mac is already fast, it may make your experience slower after clearing the system cache, junks, and temporary files.


Although MacPaw lets you download the software for free, CleanMyMac X is not free software. It is a premium tool with a lot of useful features. The pricing starts at $34.95/year. It includes the license for a single Mac. There is also an option for a free trial for a limited time with limited ability. However, there are other pricing options for you. Here is the pricing table.

PriceDevice LimitValidity
$34.9511 Year
$54.9521 Year
$79.9551 Year

The lifetime license will let you use the current version of the software for a lifetime. It includes minor updates like version 4.0 to 4.1. If a major version like v5 comes out, you will have to purchase that version again if you want. There will be a good discount during the upgrade. MacPaw also offers 30 days money-back guarantee for CleanMyMac X.

CleanMyMac X Review: The Downside

If we compare this software with some of its competitors, it is an expensive one. The price is higher. Especially, the lifetime license costs a lot. Except for the pricing, there is no major downside. But, It could have a good resource usage viewer with more details. Also, A Duplicate file finder would make it even more appealing.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the CleanMyMac X is a decent Mac optimization software with some handy features. If your Mac is slow and facing a low disk space problem, you can try this software. I don’t see any problem recommending this software. For slower Macs, it can be an ultimate optimization utility.

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