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How to Check iPhone/iPad Battery Health Information in Details

The full battery descriptions can tell you about its health and how long it may last. This article explains how you can check iPhone/iPad battery health information in detail.

Apple released a battery health check feature on your iPhone years ago. However, this feature is missing on iPads. Moreover, this battery health check feature doesn’t tell you the actual battery health condition. It just shows you a percentage and whether it can perform normal tasks or not. Fortunately, there is a way to get even more details about your iPhone or iPad battery information. That will help to understand the actual battery condition.

How to Check iPhone/iPad Battery Health

To check iPhone or iPad’s battery there are several ways. Here are the best two among them.

1. Check from iPhone Settings (Basic)

Your iPhone has a built-in feature to show battery health percentage. Although it doesn’t tell you much, it shows you two important things. The first one is the health percentage, and the second one is if your iPhone is capable of performing normal tasks properly or not. To see the battery health, follow these things.

check iphone battery health
  • At first, Go to Settings on Your iPhone.
  • Now, Go to Battery > battery Health.

Unfortunately, This feature is not available on iPad yet. It’s only available in iPhone. So, It’s better two check the second method.

2. View iPhone Battery Information in Details using iMazing (Advanced)

There are some third-party iPhone managers that can show you the battery info of iOS devices. However, iMazing is the best among them. It can give you even more insights of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod’s battery. It helps to understand the actual battery condition. If you don’t know about this tool, read: iMazing Review

However, To view battery information using iMazing, follow these instructions.

imazing iphone battery health check
  • At first, Download iMazing and Install it on your PC or Mac.
  • Then, Open iMazing. It should automatically detect your iPhone via Wi-Fi or local network if it is connected to the same home network. However, If it is the first time, you may need to connect it using a lightning cable.
  • Now, Select the iPhone or iPad on the iMazing.
  • Then, Click on the Battery icon on the bottom-right corner.

It will show you the details about your iPhone or iPad battery health. You can see information including maximum battery capacity, maximum charge level, health percentage, temperature, battery serial number, and many more.

A Short Guide to Understand the Battery Health

Unlike the built-in battery health function in your iPhone, iMazing shows much more information. It may make you a bit confused. You may see the battery design max charge capacity is bigger than the battery capacity mentioned in the iPhone/iPad specs. It has a reason. Apple has a better explanation. However, For this, you may see that the battery health percentage is slightly higher in iMazing. You also can see the battery effective max charge capacity. It tells you the actual story of battery health. For example, your iPhone battery has a maximum charge capacity is 3156 mAh. But, the Maximum effective charge capacity is 3000 mAh. It means your iPhone battery is already losing its health. It has already lost its capacity by 156 mAh.

iMazing also tells you if the battery is in critical condition. In fact, it is the best way to view your iPhone or iPad battery health level.

These are the ways to get most accurate insight of your iPhone battery health. If you know any other ways, you can mention it in the comment box.

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