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How to Change DNS Settings on Mac and iOS

If you want to improve your internet experience in Apple’s Mac, iPhone, iPad, you should know how to change DNS settings. This article explains how to do it.

Generally, Your ISP may have its own DNS that is not as good as Google, Cloudflare, or Open DNS. So, You may not get the best internet experience. So, You can try changing your DNS addresses and see which one improves your experience.

How to Change DNS on Mac

There are two ways to change DNS on OS X. You can do it manually without any software or automatically with software. Here are the instructions for both of them.

1. Change DNS Manually without any Software

If you want to change the DNS address manually on Mac OS X, you can do it from system preferences. Here are the proper instructions.

go to system preferences on mac
  • At first, Go to System Preferences.
  • Now, Go to Network.
go to networking settings on mac
  • Then, Click on Advanced after selecting the correct network profile you are using.
go to advanced network settings mac
  • Then, Go to the DNS tab, click on the + button and add your preferred DNS server address.
change dns on mac
  • Then, Click on OK.
apply networking setting changes on mac
  • At last, Click on Apply.

In this way, you can change DNS settings on any macOS devices like Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc. However, You will need to clear the DNS cache after changing the settings. Otherwise, It won’t take effect immediately. To learn more, read: How to Flush DNS on macOS

2. Change DNS with Third-Party Software

Though the manual way to change DNS in Mac OS is very straightforward, some third-party DNS changing software can also be used. Often, these come with additional features that can make certain tasks easier.

trust dns app on mac

You can search on Mac App Store to find any third-party app. The search term can be something like “DNS Changer”, “DNS Client”, etc.

How to Change DNS in iPhone/iPad or Any iOS Devices

In your iPhone/iPad or iPod, changing DNS is also very easy. You can change DNS for both Wi-Fi and Cellular network. However, Without any third-party App, you can’t do it for cellular.

Change DNS on iPhone/iPad/iPod for Wi-Fi

You can do it by following these instructions.

go to wifi settings ios
  • At first, Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • Then, Tap on the exclamatory sign next to your Wi-Fi network name.
change wifi dns iphone
  • Now, Tap on Configure DNS.
  • Set the settings to Manual and add/change your DNS addresses.
  • At last, Save the settings.

In this way, you can change DNS settings on iPhone, iPad, or iPod for Wi-Fi.

Change DNS on iPhone/iPad/iPod for Cellular Data (3G, 4G, 5G)

Apple has not made any option to change DNS for cellular data. So, If you rely on a 4G or 5G connection, you will need a third-party app. There are some third-party DNS-changing apps. You can use any of them you want. But, I suggest an app called “Trust DNS.” It allows you to choose from preset DNS addresses. It also has the option to set your own preferred DNS. After choosing your DNS, you can tap on connect. It will use your DNS through a VPN network.

change dns using trust dns iphone

All third-party apps can’t change DNS directly. These are kinds of VPN services that pass your traffic through VPN tunnels. The app I have mentioned above is no different. It is an app from Surfshark VPN.

How to Verify If DNS Change is been Active or Not

Generally, Flushing DNS or restarting your device should be enough to make your DNS settings change effective. However, To be sure, you can do one more thing.

opendns welcome dns change success

You can verify if the change has taken place or not. To do it, there are several ways. But, I suggest you set your DNS to the following addresses, Then, From your iPhone or Mac, visit https://www.opendns.com/welcome/. If it says “Welcome to OpenDNS” and shows you a success sign, it means DNS change is successful. If not, you can recheck your DNS settings and flush the DNS cache again.

This article has explained how you can change DNS settings on your Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If you know any better methods, you can share them in the comment box.

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