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iMobie AnyTrans Review – How Capable this iPhone Manager Is?

You should look at this AnyTrans review before purchasing this iPhone manager. This review contains the answers to the most common and important questions regarding this product.

We need an iPhone manager mainly to manage our iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods more conveniently. It is also possible to manage Apple TV using this type of software. Over the past few years, this type of software like iMobie AnyTrans has already gained much popularity as a better iTunes alternative. However, Not all types of iPhone managing software you need. So, You should read the full unbiased iMobie AnyTrans review if you have decided to use it. In this review, you will know about its pros, cons, features, user interface, and also pricing information.

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iMobie AnyTrans Review

AnyTrans is an iPhone manager software for Mac and Windows. It can back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch wirelessly and restore the backup when needed. You also can transfer contents between an iOS device and Mac/PC using this software. Else, There are tons of features to manage your iOS devices more conveniently. iMobie is the software company behind this iPhone manager. However, Is it the tool you need? How capable it is? Let’s know in detail including all the features, performance, and other things.

AnyTrans Rating and Summery $31.99

AnyTrans Short Review, Pros & Cons

AnyTrans is a powerful iPhone manager that can back up iOS devices wirelessly. It also can transfer contents between iOS and PC/Mac. Else, It has many other useful features.



  • Wireless Backup
  • Stunning UI
  • Transfer and Sync Media Contents
  • Media Downloader, Ringtone Maker, and Screen Mirroring


  • No Free Version
  • Very Limited Experience in the Trial Version

System Requirements

ProcessorIntel x86 or Apple Silicon
RAM512 MB+
Desktop OSmacOS Monterey, BigSur, Catalina, Mojave, and OS X 10.10 or Above
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
iOSiOS 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
Disk Space1 GB+
Other RequirementsiTunes 9.0 or Above
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Technical Specifications

Software NameAnyTrans
Reviewed Version8.8.3
Installer Size4.9 MB
Installation Size492.8 MB
Supported DevicesAny iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch with supported iOS versions

AnyTrans Review: Features

Here are the major features of AnyTrans-

  • Transfer Contents Between iOS Devices and Mac/PC
  • Backup and Restore
  • Local Wireless Backup
  • iCloud Manager
  • Media Library
  • Photo Manager
  • Media Downloader
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Social Message Backup and Transfer
  • Photo Manager
  • Phone Switcher
  • App Downloader
  • File Explorer

There are many other features in AnyTrans. But, These are the most common features that any iPhone users want. You can explorer other features once you start using it.

AnyTrans Backup Manager

Transfer Contents Between iPhone/iPad and PC/Mac

Like any other iPhone manager, AnyTrans can transfer any media content between PC/Mac and iOS devices. However, To transfer, you must connect the iOS device with the PC or Mac using a lightning cable. The transfer speed depends on the health of all connected devices and the lightning cable.

Airbackup Preference AnyTrans

Backup Wirelessly and Restore When Necessary

Unlike many other similar software, iMobie AnyTrans has a Wireless backup facility. Once configured correctly, AnyTrans can take backup of your iPhone according to your preferred schedule regularly. It doesn’t even require you to connect your iOS device with a Mac or PC using any cable. Because it happens wirelessly when two devices are in the same local network.

AnyTrans can restore your iPhone anytime from existing backups. However, Unlike backup, it requires you to connect the iPhone/iPad with PC/Mac.

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Photo Manager

The Photo Manager of AnyTrans is a very good one. You can access your iOS device photos easily with it. You also can export any photos to Mac or PC or imports images from the computer very easily. It is also possible to view any photos in full resolution.

Social Messages Manager of iMobie AnyTrans

Social Message Manager

AnyTrans has a dedicated feature for social message management. It can take backup of Whatsapp, Line, Viber, and iMessage. It is also possible to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android or old iOS devices to the latest iOS devices using AnyTrans.

anytrans media downloader

Media Downloader

This is a bonus feature but very useful. From AnyTrans, you can browse popular video and audio websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, SoundCloud, CBS, etc., and download any content.

Ringtone Maker AnyTrans

Ringtone Maker

Unlike Android, iPhone has some restrictions while setting ringtones. You can’t set any song or anything as a ringtone on iPhone. Either you will have to purchase a ringtone or import using a tool like AnyTrans. The ringtone maker of AnyTrans can make any audio even video file as a ringtone. The best part is you can browse youtube, Soundcloud, and other media websites to choose anything you want as a ringtone. Then AnyTrans will do its job.

iCloud Manager AnyTrans

Media Library and iCloud Manager

Besides other iPhone management features, AnyTrans also can manage your iTunes media library very well. Also, You can manage the contents of your iCloud drive conveniently using anytrans. It is also possible to transfer files between iCloud and your Mac or PC using AnyTrans.

App downloading AnyTrans

Other Features

I already have mentioned that this iTunes alternative has tons of features. You can search, download and install apps from AnyTrans. Also, You can browse the File System of your iOS devices, mirror iPhone/iPad/iPod screen to PC or Mac, Clone and Migrate contents to new iPhone, etc. There are many other things you can do with it.

AnyTrans Review: The User Interface

iMobie AnyTrans has an amazing user interface. Probably, They have put their best UI idea on it. The UI looks very modern and simple. The visual effects and animation look pretty amazing. Transition animation between various features looks very smooth and eye-pleasing. It has both dark and light modes. It mirrors the color preferences of your device. It means if you have enabled dark mode in macOS, AnyTrans will show you dark UI and vice versa.

The simple and minimalistic UI has made it very easy to use. All functions are accessible very easily. No one should face any difficulties. Overall, you will like the UI.

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iMobie AnyTrans Performance Review and Deep Insights:

It has been years I have been using this software. So, In this part of the iMobie AnyTrans review, my own experience will reflect more. However, I also have taken other peoples’ feedback into consideration.

As I have a long time of experience with this software, I can confirm that it is a very good iPhone manager for any kind of iPhone user. However, there are certain things you should know.

You must connect your iOS device with your computer using a lightning cable to use this software. Only the Air Backup part happens wirelessly. Once you have connected the device, AnyTrans will automatically detect it. But, If you are on Windows, it may download an Apple driver if iTunes is not installed.

It doesn’t make any generic backup. You can take iTunes backup using this software. It means it also can support any existing iTunes backups even it is from another iPhone manager.

The social message backup, restore and transfer is only supported for Whatsapp, Line, and Viber. iMessages transfer, backup, and restore is also possible. However, Only Whatsapp messages from Android can be imported to your iPhone. Line and Viber are not supported yet.

Some photos may not be accessible with full resolution due to some restrictions from Apple. Particularly the photos which are backed up in iCloud and your iOS device has just a thumbnail. In this case, Login into the iCloud account in AnyTrans or having full-resolution photos in iPhone can solve the issue.

I have used all of its features. Every feature I have tried worked perfectly without any error. Backup speed, restore speed all seem great. The ringtone making, photo, and other media management were also very smooth in my case.

Some users have faced issues in social message transfer between Android and iPhone in past. However, I have not got any feedback about the latest version. So, I can’t comment on it. You can try the AnyTrans free before purchasing. In this way, you can be on the safe side.

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The main downside is it is not free software. The free trial gives a very limited experience. You can just transfer a few media contents.

Pricing Information:

iMobie has a very clear pricing policy for AnyTrans. The price starts at $39.99/Year for a single Mac or PC. However, TechWindy’s audience can get it at $31.99/Year. Here is the full pricing chart with reduced prices.

PriceValidityNumber of PC/Mac
$31.991 Year1

Note: All plans have 60 days money-back policy. Windows and Mac licenses are separate. It is not possible to use a Mac license on Windows and vice versa.

AnyTrans Review: Final Verdict

What is your thought after reading this iMobie AnyTrans review? If you want my opinion about this iPhone manager, my answer is certain. AnyTrans is a very much capable iTunes alternative that can do many things that other tools can’t. I definitely recommend it to you. However, To understand if it is for you or not, I suggest giving it a try. It won’t cost you anything. If you think it’s better, make the purchase.

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