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iMobie AnyFix Review – Is the Best iOS System Recovery Tool?

Do you need an iOS system recovery tool? You can read this AnyFix review to know if this is the tool you have been looking for.

You can expect a very smooth performance from iPhones or iPads. Even the older devices run very well for a long time. But, For some users, some fatal errors may ruin the days. They may appear frequently and hamper the experience. AnyFix is one of the tools that can fix this type of error automatically. As there are other similar tools, the question is how this iPhone repair software is? To get the answer, you will need to go through this iMobie AnyFix review. Here, you will find its pros, cons, and other details accurately.

iMobie AnyFix Mac UI

AnyFix Review:

iMobie AnyFix is an iOS system recovery software. It helps to get rid of various errors on your iPhone, iPads, or Apple TVs. iMobie, a well-known software company, is behind this tool. According to them, AnyFix can repair both iOS and iTunes-related errors effortlessly. But, Are these claims a marketing stunt or real? How effective is this iOS repair tool? These are the real questions. So, Don’t wait and see the next parts of this AnyFix review.

AnyFix Summery & Review $31.99

AnyFix Short Review with Pros & Cons

iMobie AnyFix is a powerful iOS system recovery software. You can use it to fix various iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV errors. It also works to fix iTunes errors. AnyFix is a bit expensive but also effective.



  • Standard, Advanced & Ultimate – 3 Different Repairing Mode
  • Can Fix Hundreds of Different iOS and iTunes Errors
  • Zero Data Loss Repairing
  • Compatible with Most iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV Models


  • Not Free
  • Free Trial is Almost Useless

System Requirements:

AnyFix is a lightweight software. In this modern era, even the lowest-end computer should be able to run it. Here are the full system requirements for iMobie AnyFix.

Operating SystemmacOS Monterey, BigSur, OS X 10.10, and Later
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista
Processor1 GHz x86, Arm64 Apple Silicon
Memory512 MB or More
Disk Space1 GB
Supported iOSiOS 5 and Later, iPadOS 13 and Later, tvOS 9 or Later
OthersiTunes 12.02 or Later (For Windows)
imobie anyfix screenshot 2

Features & Technical Specs:

Before knowing about the main features of AnyFix, you can see the technical details.

Software NameAnyFix
Reviewed Versionv1.1.0
PublisheriMobie Inc.
Installer Size5.6 MB
Installation Size24.7 MB
Supported iDevicesiPhone 3G to iPhone 13 Pro Max
All iPad Pro, Mini, Air, and iPad Models
iPod Touch 2 to 7
All Apple TV Models

After seeing the technical details, you can easily understand that this software will work for most iOS devices. Now, It’s time to know about the features.

  • Fix 130+ iOS & 200+ iTunes Errors
  • Easily Upgrade/Downgrade iOS
  • Standard, Advanced & Ultimate Repair Mode
  • Repair Errors without Data Loss
  • One-Click Enter/Exit Recovery Mode
  • Easily Reset iOS Devices

To understand these features a bit in detail, see the details given below.

you can fix iTunes errors using iMobie AnyFix

What Types of Errors AnyFix can Fix?

According to the iMobie, AnyFix can repair 130+ different iOS errors, 200+ iTunes-related errors. It means it can fix any or most types of errors that may appear on your device. It’s not possible to mention all the errors it can fix. But, You can look at the table given below to understand what types of errors AnyFix can repair.

CategoryError Types
iOS, iPadOS, tvOSDisabled Screen, Won’t Charge, Won’t Turn On, Stuck at Apple Logo, Touch Screen Issues, Battery Drain, Stuck in Headphone/Speaker Mode, Frozen Screen, Boot Loop, Won’t Turn Off, Stuck in Recovery Mode, Stuck in Loading Screen
iTunesInstallation/Download/Update Errors, Connection/Backup/Restore Errors, Sync/CDB Errors, Other Common Errors

Else, AnyFix also brings performance improvements to a slow iOS device.

three different repairing modes of AnyFix

Three Different Repair Modes

Most other iOS System Recovery tools offer two types of repairing options. Standard and Advanced. But, iMobie AnyFix comes with one extra repairing mode. That is the “Ultimate Repair.” Standard mode repairs common and basic errors. Advanced fixes critical problems. But, The ultimate one repairs the fatal errors like “Stuck in DFU Mode,” “Won’t Turn On,” etc.

Repair without Data Loss

The standard repair doesn’t erase your iPhone/iPad/iPod or Apple TV. It means you can repair these iDevices without losing any data using standard mode. Like most other iOS repairing software, AnyFix also offers this facility to the users.

imobie anyfix screenshot 9

Easily Access the Recovery Mode

Accessing the recovery mode is not a big deal. You can do it manually or using AnyFix. But, the manual method may be a bit technical. In this case, AnyFix can be a very helpful tool.

Other Features:

AnyFix has other features like upgrading/downgrading iOS and also reset. You can do both soft and hard reset using this tool. Upgrading or downgrading iOS is also very easy to do with this software.

upgrade or downgrade iOS or iPadOS using AnyFix

The User Interface:

AnyFix has a very simple and minimalistic design. The UI is also modern-looking. You can see the options in large rectangle boxes with green color icons. That makes it very easy to find and access expected features. The UI has no dark mode yet. That is the only thing you may not like. But, It has very smooth animations.

Overall, It’s a very good, and user-friendly interface.

AnyFix Performance Review: How it Works

After reviewing AnyFix, I have got enough idea about this software. It may have three different repairing modes. But, The process of fixing errors is similar. It works by the following steps.

imobie anyfix screenshot 4
  1. At first, It downloads the approrpiate firmware of your iOS device
  2. Then, It flash the firmware on your device.

But, For Advanced and Ultimate repairing, it also erases your device before flashing. In Standard Mode, it doesn’t flash. So, You don’t lose any data. To do all of these things, you will just need to connect your device with your PC or Mac.

I have personally tested iMobie AnyFix. It worked great for me. I have applied fixes to my iPad. It completed the whole process very smoothly. I didn’t encounter any problems. The download process may take a while. It depends on the internet speed. The repairing process may depend on the condition of your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV.

AnyFix is Repairing the iOS Device

Accessing/Exiting Recovery Mode is just a matter of click. Else, Resetting iPhone or Downgrading or Upgrading iOS is also very easy and matter of one or a few clicks.

Overall, the performance of AnyFix is great. It runs well on both Windows and Mac. Right now, there is no native Apple Silicon support. But, I have tried it on M1 Macbook Pro. It ran very well using rosetta 2.

iMobie AnyFix has Fixed an iOS Device


The main downside is it’s not free software. It means, to get actual functionalities, you must pay for it. Else, there is no dark mode. That may be a problem. But, there is nothing that can hamper your experience with it.


AnyFix has different pricing plans for both Windows and Mac. The price for Windows starts at $31.99/Year. The 1-year license for Mac price is $39.99. These include licenses for 1 PC/Mac and 1 iDevice. However, there are some other plans including a lifetime license. Here are the full pricing details.

PriceNumber of iDevicesNumber of PC/Mac
$31.99/Year11 PC
$39.99/Year11 Mac
$47.99/Lifetime51 PC
$55.99/Lifetime51 Mac

Note: All plans come with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

AnyFix Review: Final Verdict

Now the real question – “Is AnyFix the best iOS System Repairing Software?” The answer is hard to give. But, It is indeed one of the best tools I have used. If you already have read this AnyFix review, you may have an idea about it. I don’t have any problem recommending this software to you.

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