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Is Antivirus Software Necessary for Mac?

Are you a new user of Mac? Or did you recently switch to MacOS from Windows? Then a question may have popped into your mind quite often: “Is Antivirus Software Necessary for Mac?”. This article will answer it with a few essential details.

Malware authors, hackers, and cybercriminals look for flaws in all devices, including Macbooks, iMacs, Mac Pros, etc., despite knowing Apple has substantial protection against viruses. This tech giant is also working hard to keep their Mac devices safe by providing regular security updates to the macOS.

cleanmymacx macos antivirus cleaner tool

If you want to know more about having antiviruses on your Mac, go through the next part of this article.

Is it necessary to have an antivirus for Mac?

Usually, Other operating systems, such as Windows, are at a high risk of malware attacks. In contrast, MacOS is much more secure and keeps the user data safe from any unwanted attack, but they are still at risk from malware viruses and other harmful software. 

Regarding MacOS capabilities, Installing a third-party antivirus tool may not be strictly necessary. Apple is more concerned about its user’s privacy, so it maintains an up-to-date malware list. However, a question that may arise if you’re a new user of MacOS is, “Does antivirus slow down Mac?”

Even though antivirus software is for preventing malware from slowing down your macOS, it can slow down your Mac while protecting your device. It’s because macOS features sandboxing that restricts the performance of antivirus software, which makes the software periodically scan the device’s system. This lengthy process caused by the interruption of sandboxing is time-consuming and slows down your computer.

Does Apple recommend antivirus software?

Apple doesn’t recommend any external antivirus software because there is built-in protection against the virus in Apple devices. But they are not entirely against the idea of having it too. The reason behind their indirect recommendation is that they don’t want to ruin the reputation of them having advanced security features.

What antivirus should I use for Apple?

Malware virus damages your device and makes it significantly slow on a daily basis. That’s why you should select a suitable antivirus for your Apple device. 

To protect your Mac and optimize its performance by cleaning and removing unnecessary files and applications, CleanMyMac X comes as the first choice. It is a software application designed for the MacOS operating system. A software development company based in Ukraine known as MacPaw developed this software.

Benefits of Using CleanMyMac X:

  • Easy to use: CleanMyMac X has a sleek UI and user-friendly interface, making it simple to use and navigate, requiring little or no instruction even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • Improved Mac performance: It removes all unnecessary files, applications, and junk. Which will increase your productivity and make your Mac run faster and more smoothly.
  • More storage space: As you use your Mac regularly, it accumulates a lot of unnecessary junk files and data, which can reduce your valuable storage space. CleanMyMac X frees up space by removing these files and giving your Mac more clean look so that you can keep all necessary files organized.
  • Protection against malware: There is a powerful in-built malware scanner in CleanMyMac X that scans your files deeply and detects the defected files. It keeps your Mac safe and secure by removing these defective files.
  • Uninstalling applications: CleanMyMac X is a one-stop solution with a powerful uninstaller that can remove any application from your system, including all associated files and data.

To learn more, we suggest you check out this CleanMyMac X review.

How to Get CleanMyMac X on Your Mac

There are two ways of getting this app on your computer: buying the product or buying a subscription to SetApp. You can get a free trial following any of these two ways:

1. Directly get the CleanMyMac X
  1. Go to CleanMyMac X’s website.
  2. Buy or download the free edition of this app.
  3. In the next step, mount the downloaded software CleanMyMac.dmg by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
  4. Drag the icon of this app to the applications folder as the window instructs you.installing cleanmymacx

Now, you can open the app and start using it. If necessary, you can upgrade to a paid subscription.

2. Subscription to SetApp [Recommended]
setapp screenshot

In case you didn’t know SetApp is a software subscription service for accessing a library of Mac applications based on monthly fees. If you want to get CleanMyMac X from SetApp, buy a monthly subscription for $9.99. You can get a free trial for 7 days and get access to any MacApps for free within this limited time.

We suggest you use SetApp because it is the cheapest way to get the most premium and useful Mac apps without any additional cost.

It’s not essential for Mac as it is more secure than Windows. But, to be extra cautious, you can install Antivirus Software to protect your data. As it may slow down the performance a bit, you should choose the security tool wisely. Having CleanMyMac X installed on your Mac to optimize performance and keep it safe from potential dangers is a safe idea.


Is it true Mac computers don’t get viruses?

Many Apple users have the misconception that viruses or malware don’t attack their devices. But it’s entirely a false concept because any of your Apple devices, be it MacBooks or iMacs or Mac Minis, be under attack by hackers.

Does Mac have built-in antivirus?

Mac has built-in antiviruses, and it’s Xprotect, an antivirus technology that gets auto-update whenever it senses unknown threats. Another built-in virus scanner of macOS is Malware Removal Tool(MRT), which scans automatically during restart and log-in.

Other built-in protections of Apple are- Notarisation: A scanning process for newly installed or transferred apps, and Gatekeeper: which prevents apps that Notarisation declined during installation.

Can I trust free antivirus for Mac?

You might need clarification about whether to use free antivirus for your Mac. You might be happy to hear that some free antivirus apps are safe to use. But you must do essential research before installing a free antivirus because it will worsen your Mac computer’s protection system if it’s unsafe.

Why doesn’t Apple need antivirus?

Apple is manufactured in a way that malware and viruses find it very hard to attack their devices. Also, it has many built-in antivirus software or scanners which protect your phone or computer from most dangers. But sometimes strong malware can make it through your Apple device, so you might need antivirus software.

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